Understanding our planning application

It is important to understand that we will be applying for an outline planning permission and we will be seeking planning consent for the maximum number of houses (ie not a range of numbers, nor a minimum figure); the location and position of the site entrance; the remedial, utility and engineering strategies; and the foundation design to facilitate the future delivery of housing on the site.

Put another way, our planning application will demonstrate the site’s capacity for new dwellings and ensure it can be integrated into the existing built environment.

The eventual end user will then be required to secure planning permission from the council for their detailed proposals which will seek to secure consent for the house types and their location. They will consult with you on these proposals at the appropriate time.

Our draft Masterplan design – and how to respond

Here is our draft layout for the site, showing the possible mix of housing types and the site’s layout, including the points of ingress and egress to Johnson New Road.

To give us your views just go to the ‘Consultation’ section and complete the short questionnaire. You’ll then find an open-ended form that give you ample opportunity to share your ideas and observations with us.